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Sacred Vibes guides and supports people in creating a lifestyle that reconnects them
to their unique and authentic divine self. Our mission is to enlighten all to live
transcendent lives through natural healing, beauty, and education.



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2014 Apprenticeship session

Classes start February 20th!
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New project launch
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Restoral, Renewal and Regeneration

Happy New Year! The body is built to regenerate; and so is the Spirit. At Sacred, we are aware now solidly aware that in this space miracles happen! Many of our customers are not quite sure of the reason they walk in our doors and yet they leave finding whatever healing it is they needed in that moment. It is overwhelming for my human form to even begin to grasp what occurs on a daily basis in Sacred.

Sacred is here to provide the support needed for regeneration of both body and spirit. Leann and I are resolved to continue our own healing process so that we can better serve you by being present!

This year, I am bringing you some of my cherished work of 2013 in the form of two product launches. Both are plant based and designed to support healing at the core. We are also opening up our apothecary to you and invite you to join us for quarterly conversations that nudge us onward for each season. During these conversations we would be extra focused on the themes you have helped us decide on over the years of talking with you. Through these conversations – we hope to put you on the path to mastering these themes in 2014!

 January - All Month

  1. Conversations: Release and Restoration
  2. Launch of Sacred Botanica a line wholly organic baths for spiritual use. We are totally sold out!!! But will have more next week. 


  1.  20th- July, 2014Art and Practice Spiritual Herbalism Apprenticeship. Check out our website for more information.
  2. All month – The launch of my beautiful work with seven plants the 7 Essences of Self.


All Month – Conversations: New Beginnings and Renewal as we approach Spring

Check out our latest Pinterest board for a look of my Sacred dreams for 2014. We look forward to seeing you soon!



Are you holding Loss, Grief and Heartache in your Body?

Most, if not all of us have experienced loss in our lives. In these times, do we find our self loosing our breath and feeling tightness in the chest in response? Often this occurs when we haven’t given ourselves the permission or time to grieve, that grief then gets stored in our body. The introspectiveness of the Fall and Winter season might give rise to those feeling all over again and we may feel our body react in response.

The indigenous believed that unexpressed grief gets stored away in our lungs and interrupts our breath. The release of loss, disappointment and heartache therefore benefits the health of our respiratory system. Letting go, exhaling is not just physiological jargon, but in actuality is very real in the functioning of our out-breath. Our voice is also considered to be our out-breath, when the voice is weak or restricted the lungs are also weak. If your voice is strong, its a great indication that your lungs are healthy. Given expression the energy that was stanated by grief can now be released and that action restores health to the respiratory system.

restorativelungsacredvibesBear in mind too that the cold and wind of this season can also aggravate any energy congestion in the lungs and cause you to loose your voice or expression.

Here are my top products for lung health:

Breath Easy Tea – A great blend for asthmatic concerns.
Restorative Lung Tonic – Restoring health to the lungs.
Hydrating Sinus Mist – Soothe your sinuses naturally.
Bronchial Congestion Syrup – Release lung congestion.
Lung and Allergy Tonic – Nourish the lungs naturally.

Take a look at our Pinterest Exhale! Board for some of my favorite herbal items to help you breath deeply. Keep up with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.


Here’s why you may have felt differently over the past few weeks…

We have just entered the onset of a beautiful Fall season! As the earth harmonizes it cycle between light and dark our bodies respond likewise, it seeks balance. The fall winds usher in seasonal changes and our bodies can respond to the changes by feeling un-grounded, light and air like. This can be felt most especially in our mind and digestive system, both harmonizing systems between light and dark . sacredvibesearthwindandfire (1)Air and wind in the digestive system leaves us feeling bloated, gassy, unable to digest food and changes. In our mind it gives rise to anxious thought patterns and a lack of focus.

To work with these seasonal changes and soften the affects on the body try warm, spice filled, fermented foods, such as kimchi, miso, and sauerkraut. And as always herbs are fabulous in bringing balance to the body!

Here are my top five products for this season of changes:

Digestive tonic – An absolute must for all digestive issues
Earth, Wind and Fire – A warming harmonizing blend for the Fall Equinox
Digestive tea – Our go to tea for gas and bloating
Anti-Anxietea – Easy your mind!
Immunity Chai – A great warming and protecting blend for a windy Fall.

Take a look at our Pinterest Falling Hard! Board for some of my favorite herbal items for the Fall. Keep up with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages for more on our products and services.


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Burn Clean and Green

Give your weight loss goals a jump start with our capsules!




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